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Date Night Accessories to Accentuate Your Face
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You have a knockout outfit handpicked from the best boutique in the city; trendy heels to match the dress; and yet you are in jitters as the time creeps closer to the date night with your special one. The reason is simple. You have absolutely no idea what accessories to wear to give you that million-dollar look. Suddenly, the diamond studded chandelier earrings look too big and the pearl choker seems too dull. You are left despairing about the best accessory to give you that final finishing touch.

Now here is something you absolutely must know. Just like you took time to choose the ensemble based on your body type, you must give the same consideration for your face shape. There are seven major face shapes as identified by the fashion experts, and for each of them, you need to wear distinct shapes and designs to set off your look. Earrings, necklaces and even eyewear; your face shape can be highlighted to perfection by each of this. You can even match your watches and bags to enhance your ensemble and face shape.And there can be no better place to shop for all kinds of jewellery and accessories than http://www.titan.co.inOnce you know where you are headed for on your date, and have identified the perfect clothes, shop for your favourite accessories for your face shape and set the night afire.

Rock night in an LBD

Nothing can look more awesome than a little black dress when you hit the floor with your date and your favourite rock band playing in the background. If you have an oval face, then hoop earrings can flatter it best, but in case you have an oblong face, try larger space-filling designs. Chandelier earrings set in diamond can be ideal for a round face whereas long drop earrings will suit the square face. Pear-shaped faces can try the dazzling studs.

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Movie date in an eye-catching pink dress

Dressed in pink, you can easily conquer, and especially if it’s the latest romantic blockbuster, then pink can set the tune for a really passionate evening. It’s best to choose a low-cut neckline so that the necklace can set off the elegant diamond shape face. A pear shaped face can look for a necklace with large focal components to lengthen the look of the face. Longer necklaces will be more suitable for the round face while a very short one with large beads can be the perfect accessory for the oblong face.

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Dinner at home in that breathtaking red saree

Sometimes it can be fun to plan a candlelight dinner at home with your partner. A dazzling red saree can really set the mood for a romantic night. For accessories, try a pendant set to accentuate your strong angular features if you have a square face. Short necklaces which can reduce the appearance of length will look great with a heart shaped face. A large beaded pendant can break the vertical line that accompanies an oblong face.

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Stargazing in a pristine white dress

You can try breaking the monotony of going to classy closed interiors and take a drive to the countryside for a stargazing date. Black skies, twinkling stars and a lacy white dress can be the perfect combination for a divine evening. If you have an oval face you can pull off any earrings but drop earrings in diamond and black can look especially enchanting. Long vertical earrings will best suit a round face whereas large oval hoops will be perfect for the square face. You can try long narrow dangling components if you have a pear shaped face.

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There are scores of jewellery pieces and accessories which can make your date night memorable; all you need to do is figure out what best complements your face. Pick your ensemble first and then get the perfect accessories to help you be your prettiest ever.

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