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Birthstones are not only ornamental gems but hold a special significance in the life of those born in that particular month. The July-borns are extremely fortunate in this regard as their birth-stone is the fiery & sparkling ruby! Rubies not only look gorgeous when flaunted in the form of jewellery, but they also bestow good fortune on the wearer if he or she is born in this month. Thus, this scarlet gemstone is special for July-borns and here’s why you must get yourself one if your birthday falls in this month!


 Tanishq ruby gold earrings


    • Rubies are called the ‘King of gemstones’.
    • Rubies are the red variety of the mineral known as Corundum and are colored by Chromium.
    • The name ‘Ruby’ is derived from the Latin word ‘rubeus’ which means red.
    • Rubies are very hard & durable, and Diamonds are the only natural gemstone harder than rubies.
    • For their toughness, rubies are also used in watchmaking, medical instruments and lasers, apart from jewellery.
    • Rubies represent love, health and wisdom. They also symbolise passion, protection and prosperity.
    • These gems also amplify energy, awareness & courage.
    • Ruby measures 9 on the Mohs scale.
    • The value of a ruby is directly proportional to its color and quality.
    • The most popular rubies came from mines in Burma, while other important mining regions include Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, India, East Africa and USA.


Tanishq ruby gold earrings


    • Rubies were traded along China’s North Silk Road since around 200 B.C.
    • Chinese nobles ornamented their armours with rubies for their protective powers.
    • The Chinese also buried rubies under the foundations of buildings, in order to get good fortune for the residents.
    • Ancient Hindus offered rubies to Lord Krishna in the hope that they’ll be reborn as emperors.
    • In the past, people believed that the fire within the rubies could boil water or even melt wax.
    • In ancient Burma, warriors even implanted rubies in their skin as a way of protection in battle.
    • Even though imitation rubies were found in ancient Rome, they were first synthesized around the early 1900s.


Tanishq ruby gold pendant

Healing power

    • Rubies invoke a passion and zest for life. They improve motivation and encourage joy & spontaneity.
    • This gem balances the heart and instills confidence & courage.
    • They help in removing negative energies from around you.
    • Rubies also detoxify the body, blood and lymphatic system.
    • They act as a treatment for fever, infectious diseases and restricted blood flow.
    • This gem also provides stimulation for kidneys, spleen and reproductive organs.
    • In ancient times, they were said to prevent starvation and provide protection from plague.
    • This stone also helps overcome lethargy and exhaustion, imbibing one with potency & vigour.

Tanishq ruby gold finger ring


  • Rubies are popularly known to be blood red in color.
  • But, they can vary from pink to dark red in hue, depending upon their mineral composition & quality.
  • Corundums that don’t meet a certain standard of color saturation are labelled pink sapphires.
  • The three aspects that are taken into consideration for a ruby’s color gradation are hue, tone and saturation.
  • Red ruby hues can actually range from light orange to deep purple.
  • The most sought-after and expensive rubies are highly saturated, vivid and intense in color.


Tanishq ruby gold earrings

July stars

  • Tom Cruise
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Ringo Starr
  • Harrison Ford
  • Sourav Ganguly
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Selena Gomez
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • K. Rowling
  • Ranveer Singh


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