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Your birth date not only determines which Zodiac Sign you’ll be defending for the rest of your life, but also which precious stone will bring you good luck & fortune! Your birthstone can be flaunted in the guise of stylish jewellery, and it’ll bring you good health & prosperity. Those of you born in August can boast of having the pretty lime green Peridot as your birthstone. Read on to find this gem’s historical significance & powers of bringing good fortune in your life!


  • Scholars’ opinions regarding the source of this gem’s name differ from one to the other. Some believe that the name Peridot hails from the Arabic ‘faridat’ which means ‘gem’. Some others say that it comes from the Greek ‘peridona’ meaning ‘giving plenty’, which is the reason for this stone’s association with prosperity.
  • Peridots are the gem-quality variety of Olivine, a common mineral that forms deep inside the earth’s mantle.
  • This is one of the few rare gems that come in only one color, though the intensity & tone of the color may vary.

  • This is one of the few rare gems that come in only one color, though the intensity & tone of the color may vary.
  • The most active Peridot mines are in Arizona, while other reserves of this gem are strewn in Chine, Myanmar, Pakistan & Africa.
  • Peridots measure 6.5 to7 on the Mohs scale.
  • This gemstone is also called the “Evening Emerald”.
  • A whopping 80 to 95 percent of the world’s Peridots come from the reserves in San Carlos, Arizona.
  • Sometimes, though rarely, geologists have also come across Peridots inside meteorites.
  • This gem symbolizes the tears of the Volcano Goddess of Fire, Pele, in Hawaii.



  • One of the oldest known gemstones in history, the earliest-found Peridots date back to the second millenium B.C.
  • They were found in deposits on a volcanic island named Topazios in the Red Sea.
  • Ancient Egyptians believed that the Peridot, named the ‘gem of the sun’, protects the wearer from the fears of the night.
  • Some historians even believe that the famed emerald collection of Egyptian queen Cleopatra might actually have been Peridots.

  • One of the shrines in Germany’s Cologne Cathedral is adorned with 200-carat green-hued gems, which were believed to be emeralds, but have been later found out to be Peridots.
  • This precious gem is a part of the Russian crown jewels. You can still find a 192-carat Peridot in Kremlin among the royal jewels.

Healing power

  • A powerful cleanser, this gem neutralises toxins effectively.
  • Peridots protect the wearer against nightmares & evil, bringing peace & happiness.
  • It gets rid of negative energies like jealousy, spite, resentment, bitterness, greed & hatred.
  • This gemstone enhances growth, joy, confidence & awareness.
  • A Peridot is said to ward off evils & protect against bad forces.
  • It makes your skin healthy, and strengthens your metabolism.
  • It also helps in the treatment of heart, lungs, spleen, intestine & eyes.



  • The intensity & tint of a Peridot’s color depends upon the amount of iron present in the chemical structure of the crystal.
  • The Chromium found in the mineral further adds to the green hue of this gemstone.
  • The color of this gem ranges from a bright yellowish-green to a murky brownish-green.
  • The common color tones in Peridots are generally lime green, olive green, golden green, brownish-green and grass green.
  • The purer the shade of green in the gemstone, the higher its value.

August stars

  • Barack Obama
  • Michael Jackson
  • Mother Teresa
  • Kishore Kumar
  • Robert De Niro
  • Richard Gere
  • Gulzar


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