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Single, double and even four-stand pearl chokers were popularly flaunted by the late Princess Diana. Diane Keaton’s lariat style necklace in her popular movie – Something’s Gotta Give, became a rage back in 2003, while fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker has been given the thumbs up for getting the layered look right. One thing that’s common among these lovely ladies is just how well they’ve played with the versatile neckpiece and given it a stark, new look. For those interested in hopping onto the bandwagon, this guide describes the best ways to get that neckpiece working in style.

Do You know Your Chains?

Let’s get down to edutainment. This guide lists popular chains with its christened name and length to provide a fair idea. The cheat sheets below serve as Lesson 101 on pairing necklines with neckpieces.

Different types of chains


– Ideally, these are anywhere from 12’’ to 13’’ in length, but off late chains up to 15’’ also fit the category. Given the short length, it rests in contact with the neck above the collar bone.

Cheat sheet

– While zipping on that fabulous strapless nightdress, add a golden chain with a bold floral pendant to get party-ready. Statement chokers also look great on square-cut and collar tops


– Anywhere between 16’’ to 18’’ in length, this kind of neckpiece rests right below the collarbone and above the bust line.

Cheat sheet

– V-necks, halter tops, and scoop necks are best suited here, not to forget sweetheart necklines. Add a subtle pendant to a plain gold or platinum chain. The key is to have an angular neckpiece that will add depth.


– A Matinee is 20’’ to 24’’ long. It drops well below the collar bone and can extend in length until the centre of the bust point.

Cheat sheet

– Pair turtlenecks with a Matinee gold chain interspersed with gems or other nail-sized elements. A layered look in the same length also works for one-shoulder tops and gowns.


– An Opera chain can be 28’’ to 32’’ long and goes below the bust. Many prefer to wrap the chain twice and convert it into double-strand chokers as well.

Cheat sheet

– A well-fitted blouse with a boat neck could do with the charm that comes from an elegant silver Opera chain. There’s no going wrong with a turtle neck here either.

Ropes and Lariats

– These are longer than 32’’. Ropes have multiple strands with the first being a choker, whereas a lariat is either knotted at the centre or narrows down with an open-end strand.

Cheat sheet

Ropes of golden and silver beads pump up the style and add volume. Pair them best with high-neck gowns or tops. Choose thick gold and silver lariats with loose collar tops.

Layer ‘em On

The Layer look has found a place in most women’s wardrobe. When done right, it can deliver spunk to a dull and boring outfit. There are a few ways to get this done.

Matching Layered Chains With Necklines

  • LOOK 1: Pair different metals such as gold, platinum, and rose gold for a stunning effect – perfect for collar tops
  • LOOK 2: Team multiple layers of gold or platinum chains. Add subtle pendants to each and get a cool, casual look going on.
  • LOOK 3: Go minimal by pairing a choker with an Opera chain or a lariat – charming and elegant.

And that sums up an exhaustive guide on teaming stunning neckpieces. Experiment with different styles to come up with new ones. Have more ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, Happy Shopping!

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