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Have you bought your first ring yet? It’s time you did.
Rings, unlike other accessories, have a very subtle effect. While it’s not the first thing that others will notice about you, a ring stands out as a distinct piece of jewellery. Rings greatly enhance your appearance in the most elusive ways as you interact with others – whether it be at a party, at work or at a small get-together. In short, a beautiful ring – one that suits your style and persona is a must-have accessory. Which is why it is time for you to start building your collection.

Taking The Classic Route

Plain bands are like the classic black dress. They’re simple, elegant and can be used for just about any occasion. These bands come in gold, white gold or platinum. Team them with ethnic clothes, trousers and a blouse, or an evening dress. These can be worn on a day-to-day basis and for various occasions. You can never go wrong.


Ring_01 (1)

White Platinum Diamond Finger Ring Yellow Gold Finger Ring Yellow Gold Finger Ring Yellow Gold Finger Ring Yellow Gold Finger Ring

Step Up The Style

To add a personal touch, choose gold or silver rings with intricate designs on the surface. These take a middle ground between being very plain and flashy. You can use these occasionally when it’s a friend’s big day, or when you need to present that important meeting. Rings are subtle talkers. They are not immediately noticed, but largely enhance your body language as you begin to socialise.

Colour Pop

Of late, there has been a growing affinity for jewellery that has a touch of colour. If your wardrobe is stacked with a few of your favourite shades, consider enamel-based rings that will complement a majority of your outfits. They are also a great option when you need to select jewellery for a particular saree or lehenga. You can also choose large cocktail rings for upcoming events and parties. These are bold and just what you need.

Diamonds_01 (1)

Yellow Gold Finger Ring Yellow Gold Finger Ring White Gold Diamond Finger Ring Yellow Gold Diamond Finger Ring

Diamonds For The Day

These are a must-have. A diamond ring is elegant, beautiful and fits any occasion. While solitaires are evergreen, you can also browse through new designs – florals, geometric patterns, asymmetrical designs and more. Diamonds can be set in gold, white gold or platinum rings. So go by your choice.

Finding Your Gem

If you regularly wear a birthstone, there’s good news. Trade the plain jane birthstone rings for those with novel and contemporary designs. For those with two birthstones, choose elegant rings that come with both gems. You can also add diamonds to your ring – this gives a colour break and enhances the aesthetic.

Hope this little guide helps you in finding the ring you deserve. Take away ideas and tweak them to work with your style. And fill your jewellery box with more exquisite pieces.
Happy Shopping!

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