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For the working woman, pairing her jewellery and clothes is a vital part of creating her style statement. Picking an outfit for various occasions can be easy. But with jewellery that’s rich, delicate and fewer in number — it often becomes a tad difficult. And of all the accessories frequently worn, earrings are an exceptional saving grace. Although commonly used, very few associate the impact that a suitable pair of earrings has on enhancing their natural beauty. Placed closest to the face, earrings draw attention and highlight your strongest features. And the secret to selecting earrings that work like a charm, is to first identify your facial contour.

A quick and easy method is to stand in front of a mirror, pull back your hair, and trace the outline of your face. Once you identify your facial shape, these guidelines will take you by the hand in figuring out different styles that look great on you.

Oval Shape: Wide forehead and cheekbones that narrow towards the chin.

An oval face shape is proportionate and goes well with all kinds of earrings. So, while you can discard the rulebook, we recommend oval studs and tear drop earrings to help accentuate your soft features.

earring for oval and round face shape

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Round Shape: A circular face with wide cheekbones

Vertical danglers and long tear drop earrings are a great option. The idea is to give your face an elongated look with longer, narrow pieces. It is wise to avoid hoops, round studs and other styles that take on a circular shape.

Heart Shape: A wide forehead that tapers down to meet a narrow chin.

Aim for earrings that take on an inverted triangle look – those that are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Chandeliers are a good option. You can also experiment with tear-drop earrings.

earring for square and heart face shape

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Square face: Strong jawlines with a proportionate forehead, cheeks and chin.

Choose medium to long pieces that are round in shape. Hoops and danglers with angular or circular edges are a great way to highlight your features. Avoid jewellery that is linear.

Narrow Shape: A long face with a narrow chin.

Select earrings that will highlight the width of your face. Opt for long danglers, well below the ear lobe that have rounded edges. Cluster earrings with more volume and hoops will balance your facial contours.


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Diamond Shape: Strong cheekbones with a narrow chin and forehead.

Opt for earrings that have more width than length, such as chandeliers. Hoops or studs that are close to the ear lobe suit well. Avoid earrings that have a diamond cut or reflect your face-shape.

And that consists of our guide on selecting earrings. As you head out on your next shopping spree, don’t discount the impact that a pair of well-suited earrings can have. Hoping for you to get an amazing pair of jewellery and elevate your ensemble.

Happy Shopping!

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