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Have you wondered why living rooms are called ‘living’ rooms? It’s because that’s where the life of the party is! The festival season is right at the doorstop along with the few usual guests: good food, good people, and a lot of good memories; And being the good hosts that we all are, it’s imperative that we tweak up our living rooms to make some extra room for all that extra festive cheer. So put on those thinking caps, and roll up those sleeves because we’re going all creative with our living rooms this festive season! Here’s how:

1) Bigger is always better


There’s a strange myth that big furniture eats up all the space in small living rooms. Wrong! A big piece of furniture actually brings the best out of small spaces. Make your elongated-yet-elegant sofa the focal point of your living room by peppering around it small and stylish side-tables and accessories. Because big is beautiful.

2) Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you can’t make it large, make it look large! And that’s what a strategically-placed mirror can do to your living room. Put it behind a light source to reflect light all around. Put it across a window so that it looks like a second window. Put a decorative mirror in the centre and add to the festive feel.

3) The only way is up

Running out of space to stow away your things in the living room? Think above the ground: Vertical shelves. Instead of going for space-consuming vertical cupboards, go for makeshift collapsible storage shelves. Easy to set up on a short notice, they help declutter that coffee table when you’re piling it up with mugs and glasses for all those guests.

4) Fix it with a foldshutterstock_139211237-1
Foldable furniture pieces are a boon for homes with small spaces, as they are easy to store when not in use. Furniture such as wicker chairs and foldable tables make extra guests the least of your worries when you’re holding that lavish dinner party. Also, multipurpose furniture such as trunks can be used to replace that small table: a coffee table one evening, an extra stool for another.

As Julia Cameron said, “Festivity breeds creativity”. Let your home become the centre of all your creative efforts and leave your guests wondering how you managed to give your living room the perfect makeover.

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