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Breakfast is undeniably the most important meal of the day. The right kind of breakfast gives you that much needed boost for the upcoming hectic day and the lack of it can make you slump deeper into your chairs loathing the hours that come by. But it’s also one of the meals that have the highest probability to get skipped due to your busy morning schedules. Due to this sole reason, we have brought it upon ourselves to bring to you some quick, easy, and smart tips on how to have a hearty breakfast every morning and start your day with a bang!


Eat healthy

Eating healthy and nutritious food surely makes a difference, not only to your waistline, but to your health too! Don’t let the morning hustle bustle make you snack on last night’s leftover biryani or a couple of rotis fried into parathas. As tempting as they may sound, they are possibly the worst breakfast options. In order to have a productive day, munch on some healthy items like poha, idlis, plain dosas with green chutney, milk with cornflakes, oats, whole wheat bread, salads or sandwiches. These options are not only healthy and beneficial for the body, but are also easy and quick to rustle up, guaranteeing you a fabulous start to your day!


Plan the prep

Even though whipping up a hot piping breakfast from scratch every morning may sound enticing, but sometimes it’s a bit difficult to make that happen. Worry not, as there are ample delicious breakfasts that you can prep, assemble or half cook the night before! You can cut your choicest fruits and keep them in the fridge overnight. In the morning all you have to do is process them in the blender, add yogurt and your healthy smoothie is ready! You can also just add some lemon juice to the fruits, sprinkle some rock salt on top and have a breakfast of yummy fruit salad. You can even boil an egg the night before and have it the next morning sprinkled with some salt and pepper. The options are endless and all it needs is some smart thinking!


Manage time

We all know of the famous saying, “Time and Tide waits for none”. No matter how hard we try we always end up in a time scrunch every morning and continue to hustle bustle – right from getting ready to making breakfast and finishing other household chores! A fool-proof way of ensuring that you never have to skip your breakfast because of time shortage is efficient time management. Get up 15 minutes earlier than your usual wake-up call and witness the surprisingly effective results. These 15 minutes are all that you need to change your usual rushing-out-of-the-door-routine and sit at a table and have a filling breakfast. This will not only give you the time to stir up a hearty meal, but also give your system a chance to wake up properly!


Break it up

No rulebook says that your entire breakfast has to be taken all at once. You can break your meal into parts and keep taking them at regular intervals. For instance, you can sip on your smoothie or coffee with a cookie and then have some fruits later or have your egg first and then have a protein bar. Small bites in between all your other morning chores will help you manage time as well as not feel too full by the time you leave home! You can even enjoy some nuts or granola when you get up and have  a slice of whole wheat bread just before you go out. Whatever be it, you can indulge in these light, nutrient-packed small doses of easy-to-digest foods which will keep you going all day long – full of energy and enthusiasm!



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