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When you look at the calendar for 2017, the first thing that catches your eyes is the huge number of long weekends that await you throughout the year. Most of the annual holidays this year have fallen on Thursdays, Fridays or Mondays; which means that you can pack your bags and plan some exciting weekend trips whenever you want! And if you have the perfect bags for these trips that’ll carry all your travel essentials and look stylish in those selfies at the same time, then you’re sorted for a fun and adventurous year ahead!

Fastrack duffle bag

Do the duffle

Duffle bags are spacious, easy-to-carry, practical and stylish choices for a weekend trip. More often than not, these trips are enjoyed with family or friends, so duffle bags provide you with the space to carry all of your stuff together without having to lug around individual bags. Be it your clothes, shoes, toiletries or any other essentials – a good duffle bag carries them all and still has space for you to put in all that extra holiday shopping on the way back! Pick one up in a bright color to cheer you up as you pack for the next planned or unplanned getaway!

Fastrack backpack

Bold backpacks

Backpacks are must-have bags in every man and woman’s wardrobe. A sturdy and stylish backpack not only carries your essentials wherever you go – from college to work to holidays – but also lends a fashionable edge to your outfits. From your laptop to your personal essentials, everything fits perfectly into a backpack which you can just strap on and get going! Take it to an adventurous trek or to a forest hike, and have an exciting weekend at one of your wishlisted destinations!

Fastrack messenger bag

Must-have messenger bags

These compact and easy-to-carry bags that are worn over one shoulder and slung cross-wise across the body are another travel favourite for smart men & women. Just throw in all your travel essentials in a cool messenger bag, sling it on and you are ready to hit the road! With multiple pockets and handles of varying lengths, these bags can be carried however you like and can be your perfect partner for a getaway to the seaside with your loved one or on a road trip with friends.

Fastrack tote bag

Travel with totes

Which girl doesn’t have a tote in her closet? And when the tote is big and roomy enough to carry your essentials – from your make-up pouch to your accessories and even a spare story book – it qualifies to accompany you on your travels too! A vibrant tote not only carries your whole world inside, but also looks super-chic with your travel outfits. Be it a quick trip to the nearby hill-station or a weekend getaway to a forest resort, your tote can be your loyal accessory on all these exciting vacations!


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