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In the 17th century, she looked graceful and divine. A heavy maang tika adorned her forehead and elaborate gems clustered her neck and ears. Elegance was her second name and jewellery built with traditional craftsmanship was her constant companion. Come the 20th century, she seeks a nuance of her past. With changing times, there’s a yearning for well-crafted jewellery – one that will allow her to combine the riches of her heritage with the practical utility of her day-to-day engagements.

‘Amara’ resonates with immortality, beauty unflawed, and pristine elegance. Tanishq’s latest collection has drawn inspiration from the lattice architecture that dominated during the Mughal reign. What makes Amara a well-sought collection is the genius of taking traditional jewellery with large surface areas, and moulding it into light-weight designs. This accentuates a rich look, while also making it apt for regular wear. The exquisite range of rings, jhumkis, chandbalis, necklaces and more, have come to give Indian women the best of both worlds.

Amara Earrings Collection

Amara Yellow Gold Drop Earrings with Circular design Amara Yellow Gold Earrings with Floral design Amara Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings with tribal design Amara Yellow Gold Drop Earrings with Circular design

Amara’s versatile collection has something for every occasion. When you need to attend that crucial presentation with a blazer and trousers, a classic pair of earrings with a modern tweak will make you look charming. For the occasional ethnic day at work, or a night of fine dining with the entire family, opt for a piece that reflects the beauty of your heritage. Drop chandbalis add depth to Indian outfits such as sarees, designer lehengas or regular, good-old kurtas. It’s also a great addition to the family jewellery box. For a more traditional approach, consider jhumkis. These styles take a slight deviation from the classical by bringing in lattice designs embodied on novel structures, adding a modern touch. The pieces are occasionally enhanced with a shade of enamel-based hues that add a colour-break and create a balanced effect.

Amara Pendant Sets

Amara Yellow Gold Pendant Set with Jaali floral design and enamel details Amara Yellow Gold Pendant Set with Jaali floral Pattern & Blue Enamel

The enchanting collection also has beautiful rings to choose from. The bands range from floral motifs to paisleys and geometric abstracts. For those who would like a complete ensemble, sets of well-designed necklace and earrings await. The designs draw emphasis from geometric architectures that existed centuries ago, to mosaic formats, floral designs and more.

With that said, compromising quality for designs hereafter is completely out of the question. Every Amara piece is skilfully-crafted with 22kt gold. The exciting collection combines an old-world charm with light-weight designs, making it easy to use on a day-to-day basis, especially for working women. Add to that, amazing competitive prices and it’s impossible to not own a piece of Amara. Why wait? Find your Amara and watch yourself steal the spotlight each time.

Happy Shopping!

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