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Bags are definitely one of the most important and essential accessories for both men & women. You start your day going to work with your whole world in your bags and these accessories make sure you are not missing out on anything you need throughout the day. From office to college to shopping to parties, bags are your constant companions; and fashionable ones at that! Ever wondered how a bag feels about its role in your life and how it serves you loyally from day to night? Here’s the true story – straight from the bag’s mouth!


Fastrack bags for women

“As on all mornings, Priya rushes around the house. She’s spooning cornflakes into her mouth while trying to comb her hair at the same time. She still needs to pack lunch, take her important file for the meeting and make sure she’s got everything she needs. I lie open on the table top, as she puts in her daily essentials through my open zip, in between all the running around. Her packed lunch comes in, as do her wallet and card holder. Her lipstick and compact follow suit, as soon as she’s done with her make-up. She rushes out of the house, throwing in the house keys and rummages inside me for her sunglass case. She’s ready to take on another long day at work, and I’m ready to be at her side, making sure her essentials are always there at hand!”

~ Tina’s work bag


Fastrack unisex backpack

“Oh my God! I bet you can’t guess what just happened the other day. So Mohit was sitting in his class and the minute he pulled out his notebook, the love-note from Tina fell out. Mohit’s face was red with embarrassment. I tried to hold it in but these books are not my, say, closest friends. With all that Mohit fills me up on a regular college day, I have my hands full. But when the smell of yummy pasta wafted out of me, thanks to the lunch Mohit’s mom had packed, everyone’s attention was on the food rather than the note! So, all’s well that ends well, I guess!”

~ Mohit’s college backpack


Fastrack unisex backpack

“Natasha never misses gym! Every evening, she diligently works out, while I sit patiently in the locker carrying her change of clothes, and other essentials. And would you believe, the other day, the cute new guy in the gym asked her out for coffee! So, she quickly changed into her cool, casual outfit, stuffed me with her used gym clothes and flaunted me as a stylish accessory as they walked down to the nearest café! Of course, I also held her artificial sweetener that she used in her coffee, being the fitness freak that she is!”

~ Natasha’s casual backpack


Fastrack s;ling bags for women

“Maya is always on a good mood on Sundays! And I am too!! As she always takes me out on fun outings on this day – either to a brunch with old friends, or to a lunch date with Abhi, or even to a shopping trip with her girl gang! Last Sunday, we spent the whole day shopping, catching a new movie and eating out. Maya loves how I keep her hands free to do what she likes, while carrying all her essentials like keys, wallet, cards, phone, make-up or sunglasses. The best thing? She can pair me with anything from pretty maxi dresses to a ripped denim & crop top!”

~ Maya’s sling bag


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