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It’s the small things that make the difference. Well most of the times! An unspoken wish that gets fulfilled, the heart’s desire to express gratitude or the joy of a surprise- received or given!  And it is this fraction of an extra mile , that makes simple events, memorable ones, that when you look back, you realise it is these moments that ever counted and made life what it is meant to be!

We are privileged to be part of such moments in your life. And would like to celebrate it with you, and everyone else, by sharing your story here. Because, every time you interact with us, we hope it is much to your delight!

Birthday Surprise

Sharmila had seen Macbel’s fondness for watches. He had quite a collection, ranging from sporty to digital to classic watches, collected over the years. They have known each other for a few years now and this year, on his birthday, she decided to surprise him with his favourite possession, a watch. What made it even more special was that this was the first time she was giving him an expensive gift after she started working! The challenge was to get it right and get it on time!

She browsed various portals and finally zeroed down on an off -beat watch, something he did not have. A square dial, large case and impressively formal watch. Since it was a gift, she wanted to ensure it was original. And with that, she placed the order at titan.co.in. What made the deal even sweeter was the offer price of the watch!

Soon after, she realised there may not be enough time for the delivery to happen on the day she wanted – his birthday. Sharmila spoke to the Customer Care and requested for the specified delivery. The Customer Care team, in turn, informed the warehouse for an early dispatch and also followed up with the logistics partner to ensure a priority delivery for Sharmila. Not sure if she would receive the watch in time, she ordered the same watch from another leading portal as well.

She was in constant touch with the Titan Customer Care and was assured of the delivery. However, the watch ordered from the other portal reached her an hour earlier. Not wanting to risk the product genuineness, Sharmila returned that delivery and waited for Titan to deliver the watch.

An hour later, the watch, gift wrapped, reached just in time for Macbel’s birthday. Sharmila, finally met him and gifted him the same, at a signal, as soon as she met him! Macbel was touched and with a certain shine in his eyes, and went speechless for the first few seconds.
As he gathered himself and admired the watch, Sharmila was sure he fell in love with the watch, just as he had fallen in love with her, a few years ago. He was so moved that he took her to a World of Titan to buy a watch for her as well! Later of course they decided to take time to select and on Sharmila’s insistence , they buy it from titan.co.in!

As the day wound up with a long drive and dinner, Sharmila mirrored Macbel’s smile as she looked at him lovingly across the table.



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