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Since you were a kid, you have been impressed with your mother’s super-powers time & again. Be it the way she manages the house, her job, her kids – everything – alone; or be it the way she reads your mind uncannily whenever you try to keep a secret from her; she has impressed you with her myriad skills. But how many times have you impressed her with your powers – your love, your thoughtfulness or simply a bit of your time? This Mother’s Day, gift a gold ring to your mom and spend some quality time with her and surprise her by planning a fun & exciting day that’ll leave her impressed, for once!

hobby classes pottery Mother's Day

Time for a new hobby

Hobby classes are always a fun way of spending an exciting day with your mom! This Mother’s Day, take her to learn something new – a new craft, a new skill or a new hobby. If she loves experimenting in kitchen, then you can take her for a baking class to learn a few nee types of yummy confections. If she’s the crafty type, then go for a quilling or paper crafts session which is as fun as it is addictive! You can also go for something off-beat like a pottery class or a glass-blowing class and have fun with your mom while learning a new skill!



breakfast in bed Mother's Day

Breakfast in bed

Give your mom a day off from all the household chores and treat her like a queen for the day. If you think you can’t manage all that your mother single-handedly does, rope in your dad and/or siblings and share the chores among yourselves to make it easier. Let your mom sleep in till late, and take her breakfast in bed to kickstart the day on a happy note! Let her spend the day as she wishes – she can go out with friends, watch her old favourite movies on TV or just put up her feet and read a good book.



donate to charity Mother's Day

Share and care

In today’s fast-paced life & all-the-year-round consumerism, we don’t need special occasion to buy or get something new. But there are many underprivileged kids & women out there who are dependent on NGOs or charitable institutions for their simple lives. This Mother’s Day, make your mom proud by planning an outing to a nearby orphanage or an NGO that works for the cause of women & children. Take new gifts, food or toys for them and watch the big smile on her face as she distributes the goodies and sees the receiver’s eyes light up in joy!



relaxation spa salon Mother's Day

Some much needed R&R

With all the multi-tasking and running around that a mother does all day, she is highly entitled to a day or rest & relaxation. This year on Mother’s Day, take your mom on a rejuvenating trip to a good spa and treat her to a special message & therapy that’ll help her relax. You can also indulge in some fun beauty treatments at the salon together and gossip like little girls as you enjoy a stress-busting pedicure or a rejuvenating hair spa! She’ll not only love the luxury of this relaxation, but also come back fully charged to face her duties!



surprise dinner party Mother's Day

Throw a surprise dinner party

Many a times, your mom has surprised you with gifts that you had wanted, but never asked for. This Mother’s Day, thank your mom for knowing your choices so well and throw her a surprise dinner party! Call all her closest friends over and cook up a storm by preparing her favourite dishes. Turn the tables for once, and cook for her rather than she always cooking for you. Deck up the house, play your mom’s favorite music, and set the table beautifully so that she enjoys the evening thoroughly and gets impressed by all your secret planning!



So, spend a memorable day with your mom and bring that million dollar smile to her face on this Mother’s Day! Give her the biggest gift – your time – and make that special woman in your life happy!



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