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Buying gold on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya is a tradition that most Hindus and Jains follow piously. Generally, it’s gold jewellery, ornaments and other knick-knacks that we pick up on this special day. But the ideal charms of good fortune that the smart buyer goes for are gold coins! Buy gold coins online, be it of any size, weight or design, they are are versatile bits of the auspicious metal that can be used in any way later and that make for great investment pieces too. Here’s why you should get your hands on some precious gold coins this Akshaya Tritiya.

1 gram gold coin

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Religious reasons

For Hindus & Jains, gold is always an integral part of all religious ceremonies. From donating gold for the deities to buying gold on auspicious occasions, this precious metal is always on top of our list when it comes to religious purposes. Buy gold coins on Akshaya Tritiya, and donate, gift or just keep them as a harbinger of good fortune! You need not think about which jewellery will complement which God and use the gold coins for donating to all the deities you worship.

2 gram gold coin

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Gifts of love

Gold is one of the most popular options for gifts that we choose for our near & dear ones. Gifting gold is both an auspicious as well as an extravagant gesture reserved for our loved ones. Akshaya Tritiya is an ideal time to buy gold coins which you can later use to gift on someone’s wedding or birthday. Gold coins are perfect as gifts as the receiver can choose to do as they wish with them.

5 gram gold coin

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Imperial investment

The highest form of investment for Indians is gold. We not only buy gold as investment against hard times, but this precious metal is also the last thing we turn to when we need to liquidate assets during difficult times. Buy gold coins on Akshaya Tritiya as a sound investment for the future. Gold coins are also small in size, hence easy to keep in safes or lockers.

8 gram gold coin

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Forever classic

Gold is as timeless as it is auspicious. This precious metal never loses its value – it just goes up or down. It is something that is coveted by all, from 8 to 80. So, buy gold coins on Akshaya Tritiya and add to your stash of this timeless classic that’ll be your treasure forever. Also, when you buy gold coins, you don’t have to worry about designs going out of style after a few years!

10 gram gold coin

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Universal currency

Gold is a metal whose value is recognised all over the world! Wherever you go, in case of utmost emergency, any piece of gold will get you the current worth of liquid cash if you want. If you buy gold coins, you are just adding to your cash assets in the form of this dazzling metal. It not only makes you feel wealthy, but secure about your finances too!

So, buy gold coins on Akshaya Tritiya and embrace the auspicious metal in its most basic, versatile and usable form. Gold coins are available in different weights and can be bought by everyone, regardless of budget, on this pious occasion.

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