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When we think of ceramic, what comes to mind is the fragile, baked substance used to make pottery & crockery. But, in the high tech world of watches, Ceramic is referred to a material that is inorganic, non-metallic and solid, and which makes for a great material for cool & stylish timepieces! This synthetic material creates strong, durable and fashionable watches that have gained popularity over the past few years. The new range of Ceramic watches by Titan Edge is a perfect example of the style, quality and craftsmanship that can be attained with this material, and here’s why it is ideal for world-class watches like Titan Edge.

Titan Edge ceramic watch black

1. Durability potential

Scientists have tested the strength and durability of this material time & again, and come up with mindblowing results each time! The strength of ceramic has been determined as almost double of that of stainless steel. The components of this synthetic material expand on impact, thus preventing it from breaking or cracking up when dropped. Watches made of ceramic are great for daily use and intensive activities due to their high durability.

2. Resistance power

Ceramic has an astounding resistance to scratches and wear & tear, and hence retains its perfect look for years without losing shine, color or brightness. This man-made material is also water-resistant thanks to a hydrophobic coating, which means even rain or sweat can’t affect it in any adverse way! Ceramic watches are also naturally resistant to extreme temperature changes, unlike metals, plastic or rubber. So, you don’t need to worry about damaging these watches in any kind of situation and can maintain them very easily!

3. Lightness of being

Ceramic watches might look or seem heavy due to their strength, but this substance is actually lighter than even aluminium. The light weight of these watches make them comfortable to wear and easy to flaunt around! The feather-light weight of the ceramic and the sleek design of a Titan Edge watch makes it a killer combination for these timepieces, and is one of the main reasons why these watches are absolute must-haves!

Titan Edge ceramic watch white

4. Inert properties

Ceramic is, by nature, a highly inert material which does not react with other elements. Hence, ceramic watches can be worn by anyone without having to worry about the material causing allergies to sensitive skin. Because of the inert characteristics, these watches are also immune to rust, chemical erosion or magnetic elements. All these properties prolong the life of the watches and make them treasures of a lifetime!

5. Aesthetic appeal

Last, but not the least, ceramic gives a stunning suave look to watches, specially when they are classy & sleek timepieces like Titan Edge. The durability of the material and the resistance to external elements, make these watches look brand new, even after several years of use! The polished finish given to ceramic and the dapper designs of the watches make these pieces covetable by one and all. The best part? These watches can be taken everywhere – from work to play to party – thanks to the sophisticated aesthetics and trusted properties of the material of choice, ceramic!

So, now you know that your watch collection is not complete till you get your hands on a ceramic beauty! Make a Titan Edge ceramic watch a part of your wardrobe and treasure this timepiece for a lifetime!


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