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Jewellery is a woman’s most coveted form of accessories that can take any outfit from drab to fab in an instant! You all have precious jewellery boxes filled with elegant necklaces, chic earrings, dainty bracelets or statement rings. But, did you know that there are a few new styles on the block that are ruling the trend charts this season? Here are the must-have new trends in jewellery that you have to get your hands on right now!

Fun back-to-front earrings

Your favourite ear accessory just got a trendy twist! You have all seen the Mise en Dior double pearl front-back earrings first on celebrities like Emma Watson & Jennifer Lawrence, soon followed by cheap knock-offs in the local markets. But did you know that this style was originally inspired by accessories worn by the Maori tribe of New Zealand? When Pinterest boards are overflowing with this new style in earrings that dress up both sides of your lobe, then you have to try it out too! Get your hands on front-back earrings that are as elegant in design as they are interesting in style. With dainty versions in diamond & gold or pretty ones ornamented with enamel work, you’ll get an array of tempting options for flaunting this trendy jewellery style. Pair these unique beauties with simple date night looks like a classy dress & pumps for maximum appeal!


Everlasting infinity jewellery

A symbol that represents the relationship between beginnings and endings, this popular sign dates as far back as the Egyptian history or ancient Celtic knots. Did you know that this well-known sign is called the Lemniscate which actually means “ribbon”, and was introduced by English mathematician John Wallis in the 17th century? The infinity symbol stands for permanence, eternity and everlasting love, thus making it a trending choice in jewellery right now. Brands like Avon have partnered with the UN Development Fund for Women to create infinity jewellery to represent women’s empowerment. So, it’s a beautiful symbol to flaunt as an accessory or a great gift to give to one’s lady love! Take your pick from graceful infinity earrings that can take you anywhere to dainty infinity pendants that can spruce up any outfit. Flaunt this trend and feel the power of everlasting love coursing through your veins as you slay in style!

Quirky ear climbers

Ear climbers, also known as ear crawlers, are game-changers on the jewellery block that have become quite the rage this season. It is an accessory that dresses up not just the lobe, but adorns a greater part of the ear, cascading prettily up your ears, along the edge. This jewellery style had come into vogue first during the late 50s and early 60s, and are now back in fashion in full swing! Wearing these trendy ear accessories can pose as a challenge as you may not be sure what to pair them with. But trust us, when we say these unique beauties look as chic with your work-wear as they do with a traditional saree look! With Gigi Hadid and Emma Stone rocking statement ear climbers on red carpets, it’s time for you to take them from runway to real life. Go for gold ones in contemporary designs or classy diamond ones for a touch of glam to any outfit.

Rings with a twist

From being the jewellery that binds relationships together, to being a woman’s favorite accessory, finger rings fulfil many roles in our lives. But this season, you can ditch the typical rings for a couple of new styles that are in trend for all the right reasons. Be it the fancy double finger ring that was first brought into the limelight by Beyoncé at the Met Gala, or the uber-stylish split finger ring that’s a modern take on this form of jewellery; these new styles of rings are here to jazz up your jewellery box! A statement two finger ring with pearl heads or a connecting top bar can play the perfect accompaniment with formal party looks. A split finger ring is an open ended finger ring that can be adjusted according to your finger and looks stunning when paired with smart casuals or with an LBD for a date night. Stack them up with other rings or wear solo for a statement impact, but these are jewellery styles that can surely make you stand out in the crowd!


Trendy ear cuffs

Originally dating back to 2000 B.C., ear cuffs have been in and out of fashion over the years. Even though the original Kaffas were made to adorn the pinna or outer edge of the ear rather than the ear lobe, by the 12th century, the Indians tweaked the jewellery as earrings with chains or pearl strings that went from the ear lobe to the nose or hair. In the following centuries, ear cuffs underwent various style transformations around the world, and they are finally back in vogue again as a growing jewellery trend. As have been popular in Indian culture and history, you can flaunt ornamental ear cuffs during any festivity or occasion, turning heads in style. Go for dainty gold ones with chains clipped to the upper edge of the ear, or glam up your looks with stone-studded ones with strings or pearls leading up to the hair! Whether it is a statement piece or an elegant twist to the ubiquitous ear studs, embrace this trendy jewellery style and let your ears do all the talking!


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