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One of the most important factors for making a good impression on the people around you is to smell good and fresh.  That’s precisely why you can’t think of life without your deodorants and perfumes. Using your favorite deo after shower or spraying on your favorite perfume before you are stepping out is part of your daily routine. But, what about those times when you feel sweaty and smelly while on the go, and would do anything to go back home just for a spritz of that fragrance? Even though you would love to carry along your deo or perfume everywhere with you, it’s not always possible, specially for guys. But worry not! Pocket perfumes are here to salvage such sweaty situations and help you stay fresh whenever, wherever!!!

When you bump into your crush after a long day at work

A long and tiring day at work means you are worn out by the end of it. You are exhausted, sweaty and can’t wait to go home and take a hot bath maybe. But, what if you run into that cute guy in the elevator when leaving office? Or that girl you have a crush on suddenly asks you for a ride home? That’s when you can simply take out your travel-sized perfume from your handbag or even your pocket, and spray on a few discreet spritzes! You’ll smell great instantly as you take full advantage of the situation and get a few steps closer to wooing your crush!

When you are on a sweaty hike with a group of other travelers

A lot of you out there love adventurous holidays, and live for the thrill of a treacherous trek or an arduous hike. Walking through difficult mountain trails or dangerous jungle paths maybe adrenaline-pumping, but at the same time a long trek makes you exhausted and sweaty too! And when you are indulging in this activity with a bunch of other travelers, it can make you feel uncomfortable. But not anymore! Now you can just carry a pocket-sized perfume in the pocket of your backpack or sweatpants, and spray some on whenever you feel like you might be giving off bad odour. Even when you reach your destination, you’ll be victorious, yet smelling fresh!

When your professor announces extra classes after college

College life might be fun, but it entails long days slogging through class after class as well! A long day at college might end up making you tired and cranky. Specially when you know that your day-long sweating might have a negative impact on the most popular girl in college or the handsome college sports team star! On top of that, if your professor announces sudden extra classes in the evening, then you know there’s no way out! Now, your pocket perfume can come in super-handy, and you won’t have to think twice before trying to bag a seat next to that cute guy or girl during that extra class. Just a few discreet sprays in between classes will do the trick and you’ll end up making a great impression on your crush!

When you reach a meeting destination & the lift is out of service

Meetings are important parts of your work schedules and you always want to turn up in your best at these meetings. Meetings call for smart outfits, impeccable grooming and of course, a fresh-smelling you. But sometimes, you might reach a client’s office to find that the lift is not working and you have to climb up to the fifth floor if you want to attend that important meeting! And you can’t afford to appear there all sweaty, and out-of-breathe! No worries, as now all you need is a trial-size perfume tucked in your pocket. Once you reach your destination, just spray it on, take a swig of water and march into the meeting feeling as fresh as ever!

When, at a family wedding, you have to work more than the other guests

Weddings are always fun – they mean dressing up in your finest, clicking innumerable pictures with cousins or friends, and hogging on the yummiest of food! But, when it’s a wedding in your immediate family; then it’s not half as much fun as it is hectic. Your sibling’s or nephew’s or even your sister-in-law’s wedding means you have to work hard trying to make sure everything runs smoothly. That means, being tired and sweaty, even in your designer ensembles! But, if you are smart enough to carry a travel-sized perfume in your pocket or bag, then all you need is a few sprays from time to time to make sure you smell good, even when you are the one running the show!


For all such situations – and more – Skinn by Titan has got a great range of trial sized and travel sized perfumes which are useful, efficient, and ideal for carrying around. Being prepared for any emergency situation just got easier, as you don’t have to worry about bad odor anymore!


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