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How are Diwali preparations coming along? If you’ve taken care of colourful rangolis, lit up the diyas, ordered for stacks of mithai ka dabbas, and planned a parade of the latest attires – the easy part has been taken care of. So what’s the demanding part of this festival? It includes getting the place ready for scores of guests followed by a rush of uncles, aunts, and cousins. But hosting friends and family during Diwali doesn’t need to be tiresome. Here are a few quick-fix ideas that are easy-to-do and won’t meddle with your hectic schedule. Want to bring your A-game and become the best party host in town? Here’s how.

It’s all about the looks

The way your home ‘looks’ matters! Let no one tell you otherwise. So what’s the easiest way to get the place ready? Get a theme! Think deep red and maroon with a hint of golden shade. If there isn’t enough time to paint (read revamp) the furniture red, throw a rug over it. Tuck in the edges along the sofa lines and voila. Get gold coloured lantern lights. Add maroon runners to the coffee table. Light up red incensed candles on a three, five or seven stem long-stand. Decorate empty spaces with glass jars filled with floating lights. With a few tweaks, make Diwali a royal affair.

Bring music to the ears
It’s time to get your playlist ready. The sound from the stereo will depend on your guests and the kind of environment required. Tune into dance numbers if you plan to party hard. Soft music for families whom you’ll share cups of tea with. Retro and bohemian if your college alumni gang comes knocking. Get the drift? The best part about music is that it’s a filler that covers awkward conversation gaps when new friends meet and can’t think of what to say next. Let good music have your back!

 Fine feasting

shutterstock_258967193-1-1Ready to serve your guests gourmet snacks Gordon Ramsey-style? Here are a few tips. Keep the portions small. The guests probably had their share of ‘The Great Indian Feast’ at the last place they visited. Instead, pique their taste buds with light flavours such as corn and cheese balls or mushroom quiches. Bring on mint flavoured lemonades, fresh buttermilk, or chocolate topped espresso shots. Opt for dishes that don’t need to be prepped before serving to avoid making a run for the kitchen. Whip up some delicacies for the kids as well. If you’re hosting guests for dinner, be sure to follow dining etiquettes when setting the table. Get out the old bowls and fill it with floating petals and tealight candles – these make for excellent table décor. Roll up the napkin in a smart way; it’s sure to pique interest and look grand.

Get the party started


Décor – check. Music – check. Food – check. How about getting that party started? An enthusiastic and young crowd can hit the dance floor right away. When relatives visit, spend family time by indulging in a game of antakshari or cards. Divide the living room space – a cozy corner for the men to watch football while the women engage in friendly banter. Bring out the good old carom board from the corner to keep the children busy. Let there be something for everybody.

And that’s a wrap. Have we missed something? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Diwali!

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